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Revolutionary Enterprise Data Integration

AppSynergy Enterprise Edition is built upon our advanced, next-generation federated database. This federated approach to integration means that you can finally work with all of the data across your entire enterprise – regardless of where it resides – as though it were all located in a single, up-to-date SQL database.

Individual tables from other databases can be mapped in as linked, federated data tables. Even more compelling, SaaS API endpoints where you cannot obtain raw access to the underlying database (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, etc. from the Salesforce API) can also be mapped to simple SQL database tables. You can link in as many different data sources as needed. Once linked into your AppSynergy federated database, you can then read & write these linked federated tables with simple SQL SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements. Any application – not just AppSynergy's app development tools – can access your federated database just as if it were a simple MariaDB/MySQL database (our federated technology is implemented as a storage engine plug-in to the open-source MariaDB database).

And because AppSynergy's powerful drag-n-drop development platform is fully integrated with this federated database architecture, it has the power to build robust, enterprise-grade applications that span systems in just days. Maybe even hours. Simply put, if you're using other tools to build your enterprise applications you're working too hard.


150+ Smart Connectors

Over 150 Smart Connectors to make integration easy.

Over 150 Federated Smart Connectors

We have over 150 Federated Smart Connectors available today – with more coming all the time – to link virtually any SaaS API into your federated database – with zero code.

See some of our most popular Pre-Built Smart Connectors here.

Universal Smart Connectors

If you need to link in a SaaS API (or proprietary API) not yet covered by one of our 150+ plug-and-play Connectors, you can do so with our Universal Smart Connector – opening the door to virtually every API on the planet. Virtually all RESTful APIs that work with JSON or XML can be easily configured.

Simply point the Universal Smart Connector to a RESTful API end point and it will auto-discover the structure of the API. All popular authentication methods are supported including OAuth. You can edit the generated configuration files to customize datatypes, column names, query parameters and much more.


Universal JSON Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any JSON API end point.


Universal XML Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any XML API end point.


Universal ODATA Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any ODATA API end point.

Direct Root Access

We offer configurations with private, dedicated database servers that provide you with unrestricted root access to the underlying database. Any application can connect via standard JDBC, ODBC or MySQL drivers.

Or create an API key to let other applications access all (or part) of your federated database via ODBC, JDBC or REST protocols while leveraging role-based security for precise control over what data and/or code a given API key can access.



Allow any application to securely access your federated database.

Code Across Federated Data

Your triggers and stored procedures can interact with federated tables in much the same way as they do regular database tables. Most support SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations if the underlying data source supports it. All without worrying about how to use different APIs, translating data formats, etc. Code is easier to write, easier to understand, and easier to maintain.

An intelligent and intuitive way to write business logic that spans systems.