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Database Connectors

AppSynergy uses MariaDB for its SQL database. This means you can use standard MariaDB and MySQL connectors and software to access your database. The recommended connectors are linked below.

You will need to create an API Key to grant access to any external users. See Tools > API Keys for details.


Windows 64 bit ODBC Driver

Click to download the MSI file.
Be sure to enable Force TLS Use when configuring the DSN.


Java JDBC Driver

Click to download the JDBC driver.


All MariaDB Connectors

Click to visit the MariaDB Connector download page.

REST Service

You can also access your database via our restful API.


Execute a SQL query and return the results in either JSON or CSV format. The Security Role assigned to the API Key determines what is accessible.


POST { "sqlCmd": "SELECT * FROM MyTable", "responseFormat": "JSON" -- enum: JSON, CSV }

The sqlCmd can be any valid SQL query.


If responseFormat was CSV:

Customer_ID,Name 1000,"Company A" 1001,"Company B"

If responseFormat was JSON:

{ "status": "OK", "errorMessage": "", "errorCode": "", "data": { "columns": [ { "tableName": "Customers", "columnName": "Customer_ID", "datatype": "BIGINT" }, { "tableName": "Customers", "columnName": "Name", "datatype": "VARCHAR" } ], "rows": [ { "values": [ { "value": "1000" }, { "value": "Company A" } ] }, { "values": [ { "value": "1001" }, { "value": "Company B" } ] } ] } }

The data.rows property is an array of row objects. Each row object has an array of value objects. Each value object has a value property. Therefore data.rows[0].values[0].value refers to the value in the first column of the first row.

Data Modification

Execute a SQL DML statement (e.g. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) and return the number of rows affected. The Security Role assigned to the API Key determines what can be modified.


POST { "sqlCmd": "UPDATE MyTable SET MyCol = 123 WHERE ID = 100" }


{ "status": "OK", "errorMessage": "", "errorCode": "", "data": { "rowsAffected": 1 } }

API Limitations

Note that all API requests:

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