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Build Powerful Cloud-Native Database Applications
With Drag-n-Drop Simplicity, For Any Device

ParaSQL is a modern high-productivity, database-centric application platform (aPaaS). IT managers can build powerful, quality, cloud-native applications that will run on any device globally using nothing more than browser-based visual layout tools and formulas. ParaSQL is easily powerful enough to be the core ERP platform for a mid-size company, yet easy enough to use that you can build a complex application in an afternoon. You can even integrate with your existing systems using our Hyper Connect feature – without writing code. As you build more powerful applications you can leverage enterprise-grade features like database triggers, scheduled tasks, unrestricted root access to the underlying database server, and even our full HTML5-based API. All in a secure, fully managed environment.

Because all screen layout, data linking, reporting, charting, user management, and even integration with other systems is performed visually in a high-productivity environment, even complex business applications typically see a 95% to 100% reduction in the amount of code required. Many applications require zero code. So you can rapidly iterate toward an optimal solution. Dramatically lower development costs. And get a payback on your investment faster than anyone thought possible.

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ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

ParaSQL is simply the fastest way to build and deploy powerful custom business applications in the cloud

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Modern free-form design.
A ton of advanced technology.
Right at your fingertips.

ParaSQL is like no other cloud application platform. Because it was designed for modern web browsers, everything works amazingly well. Drag tabs, menus, buttons, records, reports and a wide variety of chart types right off the palette and drop them into your application canvas. Nest child records within parent records simply by dropping them where you want (with as many levels of depth as you need). Create a data link from one object to another to show related info with a single click. Create pop-up modal panels to allows your users to drill down further as needed. Join tables together for a report by dropping one on top of another. Integrate with other applications and databases without writing code. Add entirely new application modules that integrate tightly with your existing eCommerce or CRM systems. And so much more. It's clean. Cloud-native. Seamless.

Broad Solution Capabilities

ParaSQL has the breadth and depth to tackle an extremely broad set of business application requirements, with the added ability to elegantly integrate with other systems when required. This breadth and depth together can allow an organization to meet all of their application requirements with fewer vendors and less resources.

Whether it's linking to other systems to integrate their data in real-time or dynamically generating thumbnails of inventory images on-the-fly, the depth is there. Regardless of whether your needs are for a warehouse management system (WMS) with paperless batch picking via handheld tablets or a field service application that captures customer signatures electronically, the breadth of solution possibilities is massive. Now consider having devices – like vehicle tracking black boxes or industrial sensors – talk directly to the database. A new realm of possibilities emerge.

Your Applications Will Run On Any Device

Yes, one application will run unchanged across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. And better still, you can easily create custom version of your applications targeted for specific on-the-go use cases. So you can use every pixel of the smaller display wisely. Maybe a tablet-specific application for your warehouse manager or smartphone-specific application for your field service personnel. All running from a single, integrated database.

Fully customizable Security Roles allow you to specify exactly what each user can see and do.

Accessible From Anywhere

Share your applications across the office or across the globe. Simple email invites and single-sign-on with Google Accounts makes sharing simple and secure. Because security and simplicity shouldn't just go together, they should enhance one another.

Power When You Need It

Although many ParaSQL applications are built entirely without code, sometime a little targeted code can really kick things up a notch.

For example complex business logic, routing, approvals, email notifications and more require only minimal code. Yet you have the full power of ANSI SQL when you need it, with fully programmable database triggers, stored functions and scheduled tasks to handle complex needs. And in the browser, you can easily include your own custom HTML and JavaScript code as needed to extend the UI. Built-in Visibility Formulas at the object level allow you to easily control what is displayed to the user based upon their Role or any other combination of factors, making it easy to create complex cascading drop downs and other conditionally displayed UI.

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ParaSQL's Hyper Connect can integrate live on-prem databases (e.g. Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql, etc.) with cloud databases (e.g. Google, MS Azure, AWS RDS, etc.), data warehouses (e.g. Google BigQuery, Cloudera, Teradata, AWS, etc.), and SaaS APIs (e.g. Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Apps, etc.) without coding or ETL headaches.

Hyper Connect Engine

ParaSQL's Hyper Connect Engine allows you to simultaneously connect to live data from multiple remote heterogeneous data sources and work with them within a ParaSQL application almost as though everything was in a single, local database. You can view/add/edit/delete and join live data transparently across multiple different data sources at the same time. Without the headaches normally associated with extract-transform-load (ETL) solutions. All in a single application, or even a single screen! Easily. Without programming.

On the other side of the equation, you can directly access your ParaSQL database using industry standard ODBC and JDBC drivers. This means that virtually any third-party application you want to use with your ParaSQL data can integrate quickly and easily. From office productivity applications like Microsoft Word and Excel to MySQL tools like Workbench. No proprietary API. Open for business.

Reliable, Scalable, Secure

ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Partner. ParaSQL runs entirely in Google's datacenters to fully leverage their amazing infrastructure for enterprise-grade scalability, security, and reliability.

Automatic data replication, in real-time, to multiple physical data centers with automatic fail-over ensures that your applications are available and your data current even in the unlikely event of a complete datacenter outage.

Full encryption of data, both at rest and in transit, along with advanced multi-factor authentication is backed up by a large team of PhD-level security experts working constantly on your behalf.

If you want to run your business on the best, this is it.