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About Us

ParaSQL LLC dba AppSynergy designs, develops, markets and supports a low-code application development solution. The low-code platform is cloud-based and includes visual design tools for data-rich applications and a federated data layer for rapid integration with over 250 standardized plugins.

AppSynergy allows companies to accelerate the development of custom business applications and API integrations while significantly reducing total cost of ownership. Executives and staff receive applications more quickly which in turn makes business activities more efficient, sooner. AppSynergy also empowers organizations with the ability to rapidly modify and enhance their custom applications so they can adapt more quickly to changing business requirements.

AppSynergy Professional Services provides application development and integration services as well as application support and training services.

AppSynergy is marketed both through the Company's direct sales team as well as through alliances with solution providers that market co-branded AppSynergy to their customer bases.

Our History

Parabase (now ParaSQL dba AppSynergy) was founded in 1990 and developed an award-winning SQL application development product for the NeXT Computer (later acquired by Apple). Over the years the founders have developed several application platforms that leverage their experience with high-reliability, mission-critical systems and have served customers in the military, intelligence, medical, logistics and telecommunications communities.

AppSynergy was built from a clean sheet of paper specifically targeting modern cloud environments. It is pure HTML 5, but more importantly fully built on the browser's DOM as a so-called "single page app". AppSynergy runs on the Google Cloud Platform using cloud-native APIs and premium networking. All code runs exclusively in Google's secure datacenters or in your web browser. ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Technology Partner.

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Telephone: 888-829-7576

East Coast Offices
601 Heritage Drive
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Jupiter, FL 33458

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